Preparing to Store Household Items

Moving household items into a storage unit is a tedious task. Requiring hours of labor, packaging, transportation, and unloading of goods can take a lot of time and effort. However, there are several methods that make this process easier. From using the correct packaging material to knowing how to place your items in the storage unit, these tips make the process of moving much easier.

When packaging your items, do not cover them in plastic or printed newspaper, don’t overstuff boxes, or store toxins and flammables. Covering your belongings in plastic or printed newspaper will leave your items mildewy (because plastic retains water) or smudged, if a box is overpacked it will be too heavy for transport, and toxins and flammables can lead to undesired consequences when in a compacted environment.

A good material to store your belongings in is cardboard boxes. When moving them, use a light to see the pathway, and exercise caution so not to drop them. Label the boxes on all sides; not just one side. Labeling all sides means you don’t have to rotate the boxes to see it in the future. This will save time when taking something out of the unit because it will be easier to find.

When deciding where to store your belongings, it is important to consider the total amount of space they will take up. Doing this can save costs, considering that monthly storage rate increases with size.

Before moving things into self storage units, it is suggested that you consider all of these tips while preparing to move. The entirety of moving can be frustrating, however taking these steps will make it easier when the time comes.

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