Online Forums and Nursing License Defense

The Internet is an extremely effective tool for discovering information, but there are limits to its usefulness. You don’t go online to have your appendix out; in the same way, you don’t get nursing license defense advice from an online forum, unless you don’t plan to practice nursing for much longer.

Being brought up on charges that could cost you your nursing license is a very serious matter indeed. You should not act precipitately based on advice you get on nursing chat rooms, boards or forums, no matter how persuasive or well-intentioned. Each disciplinary case is different, and the only legal advice you should take is that from a nursing license defense attorney who practices in your jurisdiction.

In Texas, the licensing organization is the Texas Board of Nursing (BON), and they have very specific rules for disciplining nurses in the state. No two disciplinary proceedings will go in exactly the same way, and the outcome depends largely on how the defense is handled, and how the board staffers (those who legally represent the interests and concerns of the BON) view a particular situation.

Complaints against a particular nurse can come from patients, relatives of patients, other nurses and co-workers, doctors, or employers. In many cases the defendant was innocent, made an honest mistake, failed to document properly, or was ignorant of some rules and regulations that led to the misconduct or violation. Unless the case is properly handled, what may be a dismissible case can lead to license revocation, suspension, or restriction which can have a serious negative impact on a nurse’s career.

This is a tragedy if the nurse in question is otherwise competent. In matters that involve one’s career or livelihood, it is never a good idea to be impulsive. Before you do anything decisive, such as voluntarily surrendering your license which can be difficult to reinstate afterwards, consult with a nursing license defense attorney. It may be the best move you will ever make in your professional career.

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