Some FAQs on Substituting Your Attorney

It’s happened to plenty of people, so you don’t have to feel alone. You’ve started a lawsuit, you thought it was going well, but suddenly, the sinking feeling keeps returning to you that your lawyer is not up to the task. They’re distracted or they’re not attentive or they don’t have the experience to take the case to the next step. The reasons are various, but the answer is always the same – you need to get a new lawyer.

But how? How do you go about the process of firing a lawyer and hiring a new one? If you are new to the legal system in any meaningful way, this can be incredibly stressful, on top of the stress that comes from your case in the first place.

Thankfully, Hach & Rose, LLP have provided some answers to these and other questions. The following is a summary of some of their most frequently asked questions and answers.

Why should you fire your attorney?

If your attorney isn’t communicating with you well, there may be a problem that needs to be addressed. This lack of communication can stem from many problems, from too heavy a caseload on the lawyer’s part to disinterest or simple disorganization, but no matter the reason, that may be a firing offense. Another potential issue could be your lawyer pushing your case in a direction you are uncomfortable with. If your lawyer wants to settle for a smaller amount than you think you should get, firing may be the best choice.

When should you fire them?

Don’t fire your lawyer until after you have chosen another one. Firing a lawyer without someone else to take over the case can lead to delays, missed deadlines, and other issues that can destroy your case. Once you have a lawyer in place, however, feel free to do the dirty work. Lawyers are by law required to hand over evidence and court documents to your new lawyer, so having a messy breakup won’t hurt your case at that point.

Will a new lawyer cost more?

If you are involved in a personal injury suit, the answer is nothing. Personal injury lawyers get paid out of your settlement, so you will not have any new fees to worry about. The fees taken at the end of the case will remain the same, they will simply be divvied up appropriately between all the lawyers who worked on the case, dependent upon how much each lawyer did.

Will a change affect the outcome?

That is impossible to know for sure, but there are certainly plenty of examples out there of cases where a change in representation resulted in major improvements in settlements. That is no guarantee the same will be true for you, but it is certainly at very least possible.

It is always best to hope your lawyer is as professional as you need them to be. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. If you have found yourself in a situation where you may need to make the leap to a different attorney, hopefully, the above questions have helped you along the way.

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What Is Chapter 11?

Businesses that have reached a point where they are struggling to pay back loans and afford other normal costs of business (such as payroll, rent, electricity, and other bills) may have to consider the unfortunate but necessary process of going through bankruptcy proceedings.

First of all, this process deserves a better reputation than it has now. While going through bankruptcy is a sign of temporary setbacks, it does not necessarily mean that someone is a failure at business or even that a business is doomed to failure.

So, since it is at times necessary to reorganize a business’ finances, what is the best possible method? You’ve probably heard there are different “chapters” of bankruptcy. Which does your business need?

In this post. I’d like to start with Chapter 11. According to Bradford Law Offices, PLLC, it allows your business to stay open and running (and thus generating revenue) while you go through the bankruptcy process. It also protects you against creditor harassment.

There are two other very crucial elements of Chapter 11. The first is the fact that this process still allows for the possibility of obtaining loans at a favorable interest rate. That means you potentially find new investments to pay off the debts that have accrued. The second point is that litigation against you is put on hold. If you are so deeply in the hole that you are in the process of going through litigation, this can freeze that process while you work through your debts.

In general, Chapter 11 is used by businesses (often new ones that are struggling in their first years to bring in enough revenue and have high startup costs) to get a little breathing space. This space allows for the restructuring of debts and can, therefore, offer a fresh start to the business.

A few words of warning, however. Chapter 11 is also a very complex form of bankruptcy, and it can be expensive, which of course is hard for business owners who are already struggling to make payments.

Chapter 11 is perfect for businesses that still have real potential to make significant revenue but are simply too bogged down by debt. Reorganizing debt and getting that breathing room can make all the difference to such businesses.

There are countless examples of now successful businesses that required only a little reorganization to thrive. These can be of any size, from personal businesses to corporations.

If your business, no matter its size, is struggling with its debts, I hope you will find this information helpful. Also, remember, though this is an excellent option for many struggling businesses, there are other chapters of bankruptcy, which I hope to review soon in a few new posts.

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Know the Limits of Speeding

These days, wherever there’s people, there’s going to be traffic. Cities have become so large, the world so interconnected, that owning a car (or at least utilizing some form of public transportation) is almost necessary. With vehicles, people can travel to and interact places they would never have been able to otherwise. The scope of our lives of expanded. The reason cities the size of New York, Los Angeles, London are able to exist and act as a single entity is only because of the access, so many of their residents have to fast forms of transit. But of course, despite all of its advantages, this creates problems. Large, extremely fast machines operated by creatures prone to human error will never be completely safe. So governments have all created regulations to help improve safety and reduce accidents. And the most prominent of these, found in almost every place where people drive (some areas of Germany excepted), is the speed limit.

We all love to hate speed limits. Almost no person I’ve ever met follows them completely. All of us believe that we know better than some silly streets signs when it comes to our own driving abilities and safety. For many people, that’s true. For many others, it isn’t. Since there’s no way of knowing which is which, these laws must apply to them. Though they can seem frustrating, the World Health Organization has identified them as one of the most effective legislation possible for reducing road accidents. They also found that it helps reduce the environmental damage caused by automobiles, and helps create roads more friendly to non-car modes of transportation.

A massive amount of research goes into determining possible speed limits. It isn’t as simple as choosing a number and slapping up a sign. In 2014, New York City, after having a consistent speed limit for almost 50 years, upgraded theirs. Previously it had been 3 miles per hour city-wide. The new law lowered it to 5. New York is a city where some of the densest, most difficult traffic in the country- just ask anyone who’s tried to drive or even walk a few blocks there. When you combine millions of people, heavy pedestrian traffic, a love for jaywalking, and a general “everyone get out of my way” attitude, what you’ll find is a recipe for traffic casualties. Indeed, in 2013, 291 people were killed in traffic accidents, the majority of them while walking. It may not seem like much in a city with millions of people, but that was just 40 short of the number of murders committed in the same amount of time. And during that year, close to 900 pedestrians were hit and injured by vehicles.

Lowering the speed limit can result in many problems, according to these Chicago personal injury lawyers. Going over the speed limit can lead to drivers losing control, and cause problems when other drivers are going different speeds. Though it may seem frustrating, going the speed limit is essential, both for the safety of yourself and those around you.

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Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Disease

The practice of dental hygiene is a practice that has many benefits for the overall health of the body. The mouth is the central point of entry for food and liquids that provide the body with nutrition in the forms of energy. Consumption is the only way for humans to input sources of energy that operate the body. Since the mouth includes the teeth, gums, and the tongue there are many places where bacteria and other harmful microorganisms can reside.

In this space among the teeth, many crevices between each tooth that can house bacteria and other harmful microscopic organisms. If the food or drink being digested picks up these harmful organisms, they can act as a vehicle that guides it further into the body where it can cause serious illness. This is one of the main reasons for practicing adequate dental care.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a severe problem for many people. Usually, it is caused by inadequate brushing and lack of care for dental hygiene. It can result in irritated gums that bleed and can become infected. Severe gum disease cases can affect not only oral health but also the overall health of the body. In severe instances, gum diseases can cause birth complications, heart problems, respiratory problems, and many other life threatening illnesses. If the oral health of an individual is so poor that they are experiencing signs of gum diseases or other illnesses caused by poor gum health, then they should seek professional dental care from an experienced dentist to get the help they need.

In the domain of skilled dental professionals, the client can expect to have many different options for treatment. Typically, gum disease patients can choose the option that is best suited for their condition. Financially this may be of some concern as health care in the United States can be extremely expensive compared to other countries. A potential list of available treatments would typically include the following: Probing, Full Mouth Debridement, Irrigation, Localized Antibiotic Treatment, Preventative Cleaning, and more. These intimidatingly sounding procedures are standard and practiced by dentists all over the world, so there is no need for fear when going in for a dental operation.

To conclude, the health of the mouth and oral regions has a direct influence on the overall health of the body. With innovations in dental technology there are now more options for optimizing dental health than ever before. A brilliantly white smile is beautiful and wanted by many, but the health of the entire mouth is even more important. In order to insure longevity in health and wellness the teeth and mouth accessories must be properly cared for.

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Preparing to Store Household Items

Moving household items into a storage unit is a tedious task. Requiring hours of labor, packaging, transportation, and unloading of goods can take a lot of time and effort. However, there are several methods that make this process easier. From using the correct packaging material to knowing how to place your items in the storage unit, these tips make the process of moving much easier.

When packaging your items, do not cover them in plastic or printed newspaper, don’t overstuff boxes, or store toxins and flammables. Covering your belongings in plastic or printed newspaper will leave your items mildewy (because plastic retains water) or smudged, if a box is overpacked it will be too heavy for transport, and toxins and flammables can lead to undesired consequences when in a compacted environment.

A good material to store your belongings in is cardboard boxes. When moving them, use a light to see the pathway, and exercise caution so not to drop them. Label the boxes on all sides; not just one side. Labeling all sides means you don’t have to rotate the boxes to see it in the future. This will save time when taking something out of the unit because it will be easier to find.

When deciding where to store your belongings, it is important to consider the total amount of space they will take up. Doing this can save costs, considering that monthly storage rate increases with size.

Before moving things into self storage units, it is suggested that you consider all of these tips while preparing to move. The entirety of moving can be frustrating, however taking these steps will make it easier when the time comes.

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